Motor Laminations for Medical Applications

Motor Laminations for

Medical Applications

Magnetic Metals offers stamped thin- and precision-gauge materials used in power supplies, motors and voltage and current transformers used in surgical drills and saws.  Unique in our market, we hold a patent for thin-gauge stamping technology, producing thicknesses from .001 to .125 inches that ensure low losses and improved efficiencies.  We also carry all types of materials for magnetic components, including silicon-iron (grain-oriented and non-oriented), nickel-iron, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys.

From initial concept through production at our AS9100C-certified facilities in Anaheim and Camden, we provide ongoing technical support, review and testing to guarantee that our tape wound toroidal and tape wound cut cores, motor and transformer laminations, and bonded and interlocked stacks meet critical design requirements and stringent performance expectations.  Additionally, we handle a full spectrum of standard and custom services, including coating, slitting, stamping, winding, annealing and assembling.

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