Electrical Laminations

Nickel Alloy & Cobalt Motor & Transformer Laminations

Electrical laminations in nickel alloy and cobalt iron

Magnetic Metals manufactures laminations for input, output, audio signal, inductors, crossover networks, DC bias bridging, chopper, control converter, differential, filament, IF, instrument, electronic, computer modems, communications, specialty transformers and chokes and precision motors.

Available in over 85 standard shapes EI, EE, DU, UI, F, labor saving Long E, special shapes and proprietary tooling.

Available Materials: High permeability and low distortion 80% and 49% nickel alloy and cobalt iron. Standard material thickness of .014", .008" and .006" SuperPermTM 80 and 49, Super QTM 80, SuperThermTM and SquareTM 50. We have the capability of stamping material as thin as .001”.

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Transformer Lamination Catalog