Then & Now

Then and now

In the past 73 years, Magnetic Metals has grown from a company that originally made nickel-iron transformer laminations for the U.S. military’s World War II telecommunications needs, to a major supplier of components for industries producing and using today’s most advanced electronics.  During that time, we have acquired the experience, technical expertise and production capability to make us one of the most competitive producers in our industry.

For example, our patented thin-gauge stamping technology is one of the reasons we are able to achieve the lowest-distortion laminations in our field.  By producing thicknesses of anywhere from .0005 to .125 inches with required flatness and minimal burr, we guarantee improved effectiveness and greatly reduced losses, more than meeting EISA efficiency standards for general purpose, three-phase AC industrial motors.  In fact, our ability to attain thin and precision gauges ensures that a wide range of industries reach critical dimensional and weight requirements for their motor laminations, and tape wound toroidal and tape wound cut cores.


1942    1940's Camden PlantMagnetic Metals Corporation founded in Camden, NJ, producing high grade nickel-iron transformer laminations for use in national defense.
1953   Expanded manufacturing capacity and product line to include oriented and non-oriented silicon steels.
1956   Conceived and introduced low carbon steel for use in motor laminations, thereby improving electrical performance at reduced costs.
1960’s   Western Division in CaliforniaEstablished its Western Division to fulfill the cut and tape core needs for the aerospace and national defense industries.
1960’s   Established Metales Magneticos in San Juan del Rio, Mexico to supply the market with transformer and motor laminations.
1964   Established a lamination stamping operation in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.
1977   Inductotherm acquired Magnetic Metals Corporation.
1979   Acquisition of Haddon Tool, manufacturer of precision rotating components.
1981   Juarez, Mexico facilityEstablished a GFCI core winding and assembly operation in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.
1985   Acquisition of SGL Industries, manufacturer of nickel and silicon toroidal cores.
2003   Acquisition of National Arnold Magnetics, the premier manufacturer of tape wound toroidal and tape wound cut cores.