Tape Wound Toroidal & Cut Cores for Industrial Controls

Tape Wound Toroidal &
Tape Wound Cut Cores for

Industrial Controls

For more than seven decades, Magnetic Metals has been producing the magnetic components used in increasingly sophisticated voltage monitoring and measuring electronics.  Today we use the highest-grade materials available to produce tape wound toroidal and tape wound cut cores, transformer laminations, and bonded and interlocked stacks.  Our products continue to enhance utilities’ measurement and monitoring capabilities for electrical grids, industries and residences.

We supply all types and thicknesses of materials – including silicon-iron (grain-oriented and non-oriented), nickel-iron, cobalt-iron, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys – used in motor controls, overload protection and current-monitoring equipment.  Our AS9100C-certified facilities in Anaheim and Camden provide technical support and design review and testing from initial concept through production, accommodating standard and custom fabrications.  We also offer coating, slitting, stamping, core winding, annealing, testing and custom assembly services.

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