Nickel & Silicon Cores for Telecommunications/Audio

For more than 70 years, Magnetic Metals has supported the U.S. military’s communications equipment needs.  And, we’re a critical supplier to General Electric and AT&T.   

At our AS9100:2016 Rev D-certified facility in Anaheim, we provide technical support, design review and testing from initial concept through production, to accommodate standard and custom fabrications and meet the most demanding customer expectations.  We’re also a one-stop, full-service supplier, providing coating, slitting, core winding, annealing and custom assembly services.

For additional information and immediate assistance with your requirements, designs and applications, please call 800-257-8174 or email

Nickel Transformer Laminations for Telecommunications/Audio

Typical Applications:

– Common mode/
   Differential mode chokes
– Transformers
– Isolation Transformers
– Audio signal input/
   output transformers
– Audio power supplies

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