Tape Wound Toroidal Cores for Wiring Devices

Magnetic Metals is the largest producer of high-quality GFCI sensor cores in the industry.  We also have the expertise and capacity to supply the largest volume orders that our customers require. 

For more than 40 years, we have been making cores and components for wiring devices used in ground fault circuit interrupters for high-current residential and industrial applications, including charging stations for electric cars.  Our components are also employed in arc fault and leakage detectors.

As a full-service, one-stop provider, we supply nickel-iron – among other state-of-art materials – and a full spectrum of services, including coating, slitting, stamping, winding, annealing, and custom assembly.  Our AS9100:2016 Rev D-certified facility in Anaheim offers technical support, design review and testing from initial concept through production.  They also accommodate standard and custom fabrications of any quantity and ensure that our products fulfill the performance needs and expectations of current and future wiring devices.

For additional information and immediate assistance with your requirements, designs and applications, please call 800-257-8174 or email webinfo@magneticmetals.com.

GFCI Cores & Assemblies for Wiring Devices
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