Tape Wound Toroidal Cores

tape core examples

Magnetic Metals manufactures tape wound toroidal cores and other shapes for transformers, inductors, drive transformers, saturable reactors, magnetic amplifiers, current transformers, converters and inverters.

Magnetic Metals offers a wide range of sizes and materials for tape wound toroidal cores. Almost any size can be made for minimum tooling costs. A wide selection of cases or coating materials are available to meet your requirements.

Available Materials: MicrosilTM (grain-oriented silicon steel .001", .002", .003", .004", .006", .007", .009", .011", and .012"); Square 50 (50% nickel-iron .001", .002", .004", .006" and .012"); SuperPermTM 80 (80% nickel-iron, .001", .002", .004", .006" and .012"). Also available are Cobalt Iron, SupermalloyTM, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys.

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Tape Wound Toroidal Core Design Manual