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CI-Core Figures 3a and 3b

Low-Cost C-I Core

The new core configuration called the C-I Core combines the advantage of low cost laminations requiring expensive tooling and those of cut cores which are more expensive to manufacture but requires only simple low cost tooling.

A-Core Figure 1 & 2

Low Loss “A-Core”

Our patent pending Cut-Angle Core/A-Core is creating a new generation in transformer design. This core contains a unique cut angle that minimizes air gaps by increasing the matching surface area of the two surfaces and reducing the reluctance. This gives a maximum efficiency rating at a low cost without lapping.

Cut cores product examples

Tape Wound Cut Cores

We produce almost any size single-phase or 3-phase tape wound transformer core without expensive tooling. These cores are ideally suited where weight or dimensional requirements are critical and have to be reduced

Tape core product examples

Tape Wound Toroidal Cores

Tape wound toroidal cores have a near perfect magnetic circuit configuration and permit the most efficient application of high permeability magnetic alloys. Used in power transformers, inductors and magnetic amplifiers, we also offer a wide range of sizes and materials including amorphous alloys and Supermendur™.

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